Our Services


PLASTIC COATING: dry or water from 25×35 to 110×140 format ; shiny, mat, scratch proof, soft touch, linen, grained, silver and gold.

PUNCHING: paper and cardboard of every weight , cardboard with thickness maximum of 4mm, till 80×120 format.

COUPLING: duplex or triplex with automatic machines for format 75×110 format or manually till 105×140 format.

PRESS: serigraphy and painting UV, dry or warm press, reliefs and staving in.

CUT: paper and cardboard also on size format (max 155×200), from spool (cloth, balacron, pvc…) of maximum height 160.

STICKING, ASSEMBLAGE AND APPLICATION: various stickings (folders, pockets…) assemblages and applications (biadhesive, feet , velcros, screws, studs..).