Paper & Paperboard in evolution!

Simple materials, complex applications. Paper and paperboard are basic elements, their fields of use are multiple and articulated instead. Cartotecnica Friulana Srl knows these materials from more than 30 years and it interprets their characteristics, developing.

The first element is the Carton: simple or shaped, it becomes important in the exploitation of the product… from simple container to emotional element.

Then there are Boxes: dressed with paper or cloth, they represent the first element of presentation of the firms in his/her own Points Sale. Impossible to think that their construction will be only anonymous wrappings.

And Collectors? With or without rings they contain and organize the presentation of Pricelists, Catalogs or Samples. Extremely variegated their use, extremely wide the proposals that Cartotecnica Friulana Srl should offer in this sector!

And then Folders! Plasticize or not, with or without elastic, they are a business card! Endless the proposals that Cartotecnica Friulana Srl presents, unlimited possibilities to realize the project according to the buyer.

There are also Case boxes, Handbags and Caskets. Jewels, Perfumes, every single product will be promoted by a smart packaging. Completed by suitable materials,
articles proposed by Cartotecnica Friulana Srl know how to transmit a design oriented image.

Finally Exhibitors. Real Totems to place on the floor or on a bench, rather than shaped containers to present different articles, that express at best creative art of Cartotecnica Friulana Srl.

Now it‘s clear: shaping simple materials as paper and paperboard through high-tech fittings and developing articles of technical and aesthetical value is the must of Cartotecnica Friulana Srl; to realize different ideas of buyers, to suggest them the right choice about packaging and answer to their questions is its imperative. Paper and paperboard in evolution!